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Welcome to new UnfollowerStats Beta! We are using twitter api to trace you your statistics and we only let you see what twitter provide us. Feel free to use this app to trace you twitter stats!

UnfollowerStats is a 3rd twitter App to help you find your twitter unfollowers and see your follow/unfollow stats. You can find out your unfollowers by one click! The Official Twitter is not responsible for our services! To use app Free and Unlimited please;

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  • Auto Track

    UnfollowerStats is daily tracking and storing your account's follow, following, unfollowing stats to our servers.

  • Unfollowers

    As we said before, we are storing your followers and when you want to see we find out who unfollowed you. Easier way to unfollow your unfollowers!

  • Non-Followbacks

    Are you followback'er ? That tool is perfect for you! Non-Followbacks is tracking who doesn't follow you back. And you are free to unfollow them!

  • I-Dont Followback

    If you want to follow people that who followed you. That app ise tracking who followed you and you didn't follow them back. Start to follow your Fans!

  • Sharing Stats

    You can share your daily unfollower stats and you are able to get your weekly stats you email. Also .xml dump will be active soon.

    Chart schema stats

  • Auto DM and Tweet

    You are able to send a tweet or a DM to your new followers. You can set your welcome message under Account > Setting menu.

  • So, You want?

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